When you know someone just gets it...
There is much I miss with Tom's passing and undoubtedly those qualities have been alluded to numerously on this forum. My deepest moments with him though may prove a little different than things such as his creativity, quirky humor, kind heart and sporadic contrarianism. Tom and I were/are both world weary men. And it was to that shared sensitivity that our conversations at the Beach Pea frequently turned. Yes we each strove and were successful in many ways to rise above humanity's Ill health, but together we rose alternatively, in full on recognition and acknowledgement, and a lot of sighing! Then we'd attempt laughing at ourselves for a bit, then feignoathing for random individuals passing in and out of the bakery. It was perhaps a quickie catharsis. I think we parted company more often than not with a bit higher sense of hope, if not for the world at large, at least for our mutual resourcefulness in the face of it all. I miss that so much.
World weary companion