Tom Memories
The world lost man who changed it in very tangible ways. For the last 34 years Tom Ingle has been a source of joy in my life. I spent uncountable nights and days with his family as child. Where he taught me how build things like swords out of pvc foam and duct tape, or how to use a belt sander to build the fastest pine wood derby car. He brought me on camping trips, and played fiddle danced and sang. As a teenager he gave me refuge when I didn’t want to be home and jobs when I needed money, where as master finish carpenter he taught me woodworking skills that paid my bills for years, and I now use in my art and hobbies. As adult he built me the most incredible mahogany and rock maple bar for a restaurant I designed and the most incredible booths . He was a master at his craft. Though he couldn’t always find it in his own life, he had an uncanny ability to point out the silver lining of a situation and makes you see it and appreciate it. As you can see from these photos he was the best dance partner you could ask for. I love him, he will be missed by everyone he’s met, but especially my family whom he was truly a part of, my heart goes out to my dearest Schuyler Ingle, Jasmine Ingle-smith and everyone else who was close to him.